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  • RADHAI RAMESH (Monday, September 17 18 03:07 pm EDT)

    Congratulation ! i really enjoyed the program yesterday ! andal kavthuvam is really well done. Born in srivilliputhur and very much a devotee of andal and sriranganathar.enjoyed it. Great Performance by all !

  • Rekha Jayakrishnan (Saturday, October 06 12 02:55 pm EDT)

    Dear Bindu,

    Congratulations!!Wonderful website. Just got a chance to browse through it.. Excellent work!! Love to watch all the photos and videos!! great! Really proud of u.. Congrats to Ammu for her wonderful
    performances! Wish you all the best on all your future endeavors.

  • supriya pramod (Tuesday, August 07 12 07:44 am EDT)

    Excellent work.. Dear sister when you dance you takes us in to a different level of happiness..Its wonderful..masha allah that is what the power of your dance..

  • Deepa Govindarajan (Saturday, February 11 12 06:18 pm EST)

    Bear Binduji, I am just back from the OSAAT show. Splendid performance by the young dancers trained under your guidance. Beautiful choreography. I really was enchanted and enjoyed a lot.
    My daughter is about 5 years interested in learning bhratanatyam. I am interested to come and meet you.

  • Nishi (Thursday, October 27 11 03:13 pm EDT)

    Dear Bindu,
    Congratulations on this woderful website! It looks really nice. Best wishes for all your future endeavors.

  • Ramya (Wednesday, October 26 11 11:40 pm EDT)

    Dear Bindu,
    Hearty congratulations on the launch of Nritanjali website. Medha is very fortunate to have a wonderful teacher and I am really happy to be associated with such a pleasant, charming and dedicated
    person like you.

  • Jessy (Wednesday, October 26 11 08:58 pm EDT)

    Beautiful web site Bindhu!! It was so nice to watch the photos, videos and the Asianet interview with Athira. Wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors.

  • Tania (Wednesday, October 26 11 08:33 pm EDT)

    Congrats, Bindu. We had been looking forward to this for a long time. Wonderful site. Wish you all the best on all your future endeavors.